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New Build - 150 G, Triton Method, Pod Reactors


Hi all, 

Likely my first post here. I was active as a reefer in NJ, and am still part of NJReefers, went to the MACNA in Atlantic City, NJ during the time. But had exited the hobby for a while. 

Thinking of very seriously entering the hobby and have indentified the following items to get going. In general, my preference is for natural methods of feeding and filtration and large tanks over small tanks, few fish, no crustaceans, but yes to snails clams and corals. Also, I wouldn't mind saving a buck, if I can. Here are the identified items to start-off. Your guidance is very very welcome:

Display Tank: 150 Gallon Starfire Tank Drilled for 16" Synergy Shadow Overflow 60x24x24"

Sump: Triton Sump 44 (44" x 16") - Trigger Systems

Stand: UNS 180U Aquarium Cabinet - Ultum Nature Systems

Overflow: Synergy Reef 16″ Shadow Overflow V2

Return Pump: Vectra L2 - Mobius Ready DC Return Pump (3100 GPH) - Ecotech Marine

Rock: 70lbs Shelf Rock Large 9"-14" Aragonite, Lightweight, Porous, Aquariums Live Dry

Sand: CaribSea Aragonite Special Grade Dry Sand 40lbs - CaribSea × 2


First residents: Dr. Tim's One and Only Following instructions from this video:

Food-reactor: PhytoTank CL System - Copepod and Phytoplankton Culture Reactors - Poseidon Reef Systems

Doser (for food, initially): Jebao Programmable Auto Dosing Pump DP-4, Black

Lights ... not for 3-4 months and likely will have some sort of snail-based cleanup crew set up by then

When I do get the lights, they will likely be: Hydra 32HDs, following these instructions:

Thats all that i have gathered so far. Still researching RO/DI and salt and testing kits. Any feed back is very, very welcome. Thanks y'all.

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