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How many fishes is too much?


Hi all, title says it all. 


I have a 45G rimless with:

-Aquamaxx HOB-1.5 

-Tunze silence retun pump

-AquaMaxx FR-S filter media reactor (GFO)

-And all the filter pads, carbons, and bio filters.


Live stocks include:

-Flame Angel

-Coral Beauty

-Yellow Tang

-Mystery Wrasse

-Blotched Anthias

-2 Snowflake Clowns

-Misc Inverts

-Misc CUC


Water perimeter tested good except nitrate being a bit high.

Could that be from feeding them too much?

Or did I maxed out on fishes already?

I would like to get at least 2 more fishes but I want to hear your thoughts first.

Thanks all!!


Topic starter Posted : 07/10/2020 2:23 pm

Honestly I wouldn't put anymore fish in the tank.  Eventually you will need to re-home the yellow Tang and possibly the mystery wrasse as they will become too big for the tank.  More fish = more waste.

How big will the 2 additional fish you want get?

Posted : 07/17/2020 2:57 pm


Thanks for your feedback.  Most likely I will sell the tang once she get big.  Or somehow convince my wife to get a bigger tank.

I wanted to add few more wrasses or Blue Dot Jawfish, 2-3 inches

Topic starter Posted : 07/17/2020 6:57 pm

@btieu I wouldn't add any more fish either. But if you do get a wrasse, be sure you have a screened top on that rimless aquarium.

Posted : 07/24/2020 7:00 pm