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Melev's Reef carries all sorts of reef gear!


Melev's Reef carries all sorts of goods that make your hobby easier.  If you don't see something in the shop, feel free to contact Marc directly ( or here on the forum) to ask for it.  

Here are some of the newer items in stock that are not on the website yet:  
D-D Aquascape Putty
Nero 5 pumps
Kamoer x1 ProT continuous duty pumps
Kamoer x1 Pro2 WIFI dosing pumps
Neptune System DOS
Brightwell Boost pH+ 500ml
Radion Xr15 Pro
Radion Single Arm Bracket

Also, Neptune Systems is raising all MAP items effective next Monday.  If you are considering getting the Apex controller, the Apex EL and Apex WIFI pricing still holds for a few more days. Don't delay!

Also, Melev's Reef offers Affirm, a monthly payment system designed for those larger purchases, visible during checkout. 

Lastly, if you'd prefer to pick up your order in person, just schedule an appointment. You won't have to pay shipping. 

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