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A few things on sale for ya JUST BEFORE CHRISTMAS!! Christmas is right upon us and so is yet another year! I can't thank you all enough for support!


merry christmas

A few things on sale for ya JUST BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!

Christmas is right upon us and so is yet another year! I can't thank you all enough for support that you have given us over the years and now another. I am very appreciative!

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holiday hours

On Saturday, December 23rd, we have our regular hours from 12noon until 7pm.

On Christmas Eve ( Sunday, December 24th, we will open one hour earlier than normal but we will close promptly at 3pm!

Of course we will close on Christmas Day, Monday, December 25th, 2017

We will re-open an hour later on Tuesday, December 26th from 1pm until 7 pm.

On New Year's Eve, December 31st, 2017, we will close at 5pm but we will open for business as usual on New Year's Day, January 1st, 2018!


Here are a few things that we will have on sale for Saturday, December 23rd and on Christmas Eve:

Red Leg Hermit Crabs 1.25 ea 
Pink Margarita Snails 1.25 
Zebra Turbo Snails 2.99 what a deal!!! 
Emerald Crabs 6.99 
Tiger Conchs 6.99 
Red Linkia Starfish 21.99 
sand sifting starfish 12.99 
Fire Shrimp 34.99 
Cleaner Shrimp 24.99 
Lyre Tail Anthias $26.99 what a great price! 
Bartlett Anthias ( Huge, colorful males -GORGEOUS ) $44.99

Coral Frags- Buy one at regular price and get the second one for 1/2 price. 
Of course remember that you must buy in pairs to be able to take advantage of this pricing. Also, you will pay for the higher priced coral and receive the second piece at 1/2 price.

Large Green Hammer Corals $89.99 great price!!!

Red Firefish Goby 13.99 
Purple Firefish Goby 29.99

Blonde Naso ( LG ) JUST $89.99 what a gorgeous fish for a great price! 
Hawaiian Naso Tang $69.99 incredible price!

Yellow Eye Kole Tang 49.99 
Foxface 39.99 
Magnificent Foxface 89.99 Big savings!!! 
Yellow Coris Wrasse 24.99 
Large Target Mandarin Goby $25.00

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I have just TWO (2) Radion Gen3 PRO lights that I am selling! These are store used on my SPS system and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them except that new Gen4's are on the way. I used these lights for about a year. I am selling them for $375 each. They are still on a system in the store until they are sold so that the purchaser can see that there is nothing AT ALL WRONG WITH THEM! 
If you ever thought about buying lights that are able to sustain any clam or coral, then here is a chance to get a couple for a really great price!!!


Frank's Tanks YouTube channel will be starting very soon!!!

The title of the channel will simply be called BEING FRANK. 
We will be doing How-To Videos and we will hopefully be saving consumers from making the wrong purchases for their tanks by guiding them to those products that are known to work. We, as best we can, will take the guesswork out for you! Of course, there will be far more to these G-rated videos!



My new website is being worked on as we speak. It will feature a 200 skew online store setup primarily for corals. I am finally going to make corals available to people in other places who have asked that I ship in the past.

You can get a bit of an idea as to how the site will look by clicking on this link. If it doesn't work when you click on it, simply copy and paste the link into your browser. Remember this is NOT a finished product. It is NOT a functioning site!

Stay tuned!!!!!!! Be looking for MORE from

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