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[Closed] Selling Forum Rules


Hey all,

As many of you know the club is sponsored by various online and local fish stores. Those sponsors pay a fee to advertise on our website and use the forums as a means to sell their products. Therefore, before posting a for sale thread please be aware of the rules outlined below and be aware that if your post appears to violate these rules we reserve the right to delete your post.


1.       Non-sponsors MAY NOT post commercial for sale posts. The determination of what constituents a commercial for sale post is at DFWMAS’ absolute and sole discretion.

2.       You must post your location or have it visible under your member name.

3.       A firm asking price must be listed in the thread.

4.       Auction type sales threads are not permitted.

5.       Sellers may not ask buyers to PayPal as a gift. Any selling fees should be included in the asking price. This is for the BUYERS protection.

6.     Items listed for sale must be yours and in your possession. You may not sell things on behalf of someone else or list items that are yours but being kept by someone else.

7.       Links to Ebay, Craig's List or other commercial sites for the purpose of selling additional items are not permitted.

       8.       Please post all of your for sale items in a single post whenever possible. The post should be broken up between livestock and dry goods where possible.

This is a blanket post for all the folks that may have a "Wholesale Hook-up" for live goods or dry goods. We understand that a lot of our members have service accounts, or work for stores, or just have a connection to getting things for cheaper than retail. We DO NOT have a problem with you having these connections or getting these items for your personal tank. However we cannot permit such activity to under-cut DFWMAS sponsors.

If you intend to or do solicit ANY sales from our members/guest via any means for commercial purposes, you are in violation of our rules, and we reserve the right to suspended or delete your account with DFWMAS.

This is a place to learn and share knowledge. It is not a place to start or market your side business without paying for the privilege as our sponsors do. The cost to become a sponsor is not significant and if this is a business you’re serious about starting than we would very much like to have you as a sponsor, we will do everything we can to support you and help you succeed.

Topic starter Posted : 11/30/2017 6:49 am