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Live Rock Enhance


Live Rock Enhance is a new product from Reefbrite. It comes in powdered form, and is designed to clean your rockwork. They sent it to me to try out, especially since my reef is over five years old. All you do is add one scoop per 25g of liquid volume. Nothing else. No mixing, you don’t turn off the skimmer or take anything offline.  The stuff floats across the surface, and a bunch of tiny orbs blow around the aquarium.  I watched my fish eat it, while the rest shot around the aquarium for a few minutes. I was concerned about it going down the drain into the sump, but was told to just let it run through the system. Within the hour, and for a few hours, my tank was cloudy.  This is the temporary bacterial bloom you’ll see. If you’d prefer not to see this, use it at night instead.  Six hours later, you would never know it had happened. 

I treated my 400g reef two times, and I also used it in my 3 year old frag system four times within a two week span.  That rock was dirty, dingy, had algae issue and even cyanobacteria was on the substrate.  However, after those doses, the entire tank looks so much cleaner. The cyano is completely gone, the rock looks like new, the coralline looks rich and dense, and the livestock was 100% unaffected.  This isn’t a medication, it’s a combination of bacterias and enzymes. If this stuff ends up eradicating dinoflagellates, that would be amazing.  I’m so impressed with this product that I added it to my shop. If you’d like to give it a try, order some today.  I can’t wait to hear from others what they think.

Use it with curing liverock, or in established reef tanks.

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