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Kamoer x1 Bluetooth Dosing pumps in stock!


If you are looking for an affordable dosing pump option, the Kamoer x1 pump is just the thing for you.  They cost $60 each, and you can control them with your Smartphone via their app.  Set it up to dose manually on demand, or dose frequently each day.  If you have multiple pumps, they know not to dose at the same time -- if you set them up correctly they will delay long enough to avoid mixing elements. I've been running one for over 6 weeks myself, and it's worked out great.

If you want to avoid shipping, you are welcome to pick up your order in person.


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Topic starter Posted : 05/21/2019 9:21 pm
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I bought 2.  The App is pretty good.  I've never had anything connect to bluetooth as easy as these two pumps did.  Calibration was very straightforward.  Predicting when you will run out of additive is pretty cute as well.

Setting up the auto dosing was a little confusing but I figured it out.  It will plan a dosing schedule for you, or you can set each dose with a specific time and amount.  4" x 2.5" x 2.5" footprint.

Posted : 06/21/2019 7:45 pm
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