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Clownfish Breeding


My true perc clowns have been laying eggs back to back, but I am not setup to raise the brood. Anyone local raise clowns?

Topic starter Posted : 04/16/2018 4:17 pm

Still waiting for my clowns to start laying. When they do, I would like to try to raise them. Following along!

Posted : 04/16/2018 4:24 pm

Dude mine breed all the time.  Just want to maybe see if someone local does breed, but I may try to setup my own to give it a shot. They are laying their eggs on a rock that I can move out of the tank, but I don't want to have my RBTA move if I take out the rock. I may try the flower pot method to see if they will use it instead of the rock next time and if they do, I will setup for raising them.

Only other option is to setup a completely different tank just for them, but do not know if I want to do that right now (and have to maintain the grow out tank as well).

Topic starter Posted : 04/16/2018 4:28 pm