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What this forum is for...

What this forum is for...

Postby DFWMAS BOD on Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:51 am

This forum is a place to post in case you have a true tank emergency. Please only post if this is truly a life or death situation for your tank. if the issue can be fixed tomorrow instead of today, then it is not an emergency. We want to keep things here strictly on topic and do not want to worry others trying to help people over simple things. That said, we do understand an emergency can be interpreted differently, so if you think it needs to be resolved now, then by all means post. Our tanks are very important to each of us, thats why we have this area. Threads not posted in or viewed within 90 days are automatically removed so please post follow-up discussions in the appropriate forums.

As a courtesy to your fellow hobbyists, please try to update your posts as RESOLVED when everything is OK so others may quickly know things are back to normal. Doing so is easy! After things are resolved, simply click the green check mark in the top right hand corner of your post as seen in this image. This will add the word RESOLVED to your posts title and lock the thread to clearly let people know that everything OK. Threads are automatically removed after they become inactive. THANKS!

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