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Club Library

Club Library

Postby Jeff on Thu Oct 22, 2009 7:57 am

DFWMAS membership includes access to the club library.

Here is a listing of available titles, some more popular items may have a waiting list associated with them so please be patient when it comes to those titles.


The following items are in the DFWMAS Library.

Books are linked to external websites with a book introduction/summary.


A Guide to Corals for the Mini-Reef Aquarium, by Dr Herbert R. Axelrod
Aquarium Fish, by Marc Ladonne
Aquarium Owners Guide, by Gina Sandford
Book of Coral Propagation, by Anthony Calfo
Corals, A Quick Reference Guide - Julian Sprung
Giant Clams in the Sea and the Aquarium - James Fatherree
Invertebrates, A Quick Reference - Julian Sprung
A Fishkeeper's Guide to Marine Fishes, by D. Mills
Marine Invertebrates, by U. Erich Friese
Miniature Reef Aquarium in your Home, by Dr. C. W. Emmens
Reef Invertebrates, by Anthony Calfo & Robert Fenner
The Captive Marine Aquarium, by Wayne Shang
The Reef Aquarium Vol 1 - Delbeek & Sprung
The Reef Aquarium Vol 2 - Delbeek & Sprung
Your First Marine Aquarium by John Tullock

Marine Fish Monthly - Sept 1988
Marine Fish Monthly - Oct 1988 ce Guide - Julian Sprung

The Captive Marine Aquarium, by Wayne Shang
MACNA XIV - Disk 1 - Ron Shimek "The Toxic Time Bomb in Marine Aquaria"
MACNA XIV - Disk 2 - Steve Tyree "Sea Squirts in The Reef Aquarium and a Three Zone Natural Filtration System"
MACNA XIV - Disk 3 - Dr Sanjay Joshi "Reef Aquarium Lighting - Lighting Basics and Test of Metal Halide Lamps, Ballasts & Reflectors"
MACNA XIV - Disk 4 - Martin Moe "The Marine Multi-Environment Aquarium System"
MACNA XIV - Disk 5 - Dr Yehuda Benayahu "Early Development Stages of Soft Corals: Crucial Adaptations for Survival"
MACNA XIV - Disk 6 - Eric Borneman "New Directions in Understanding What Makes Corals 'Tick'"
MACNA XIV - Disk 7 - Scott Michael "My Favorite Fishes!"
MACNA XIV - Disk 8 - Roundtable Discussion "Lighting & Water Movement for Closed Ecosystems"
MACNA XIV - Disk 9 - Walt Smith (Keynote Speaker) "Coral Farming For Our Future"
MACNA XIV - Disk 10 - Julian Sprung "Nano-Nano: Physical, Chemical, and Technical Aspects of the Modern Micro-Aquarium"
MACNA XIV - Disk 11 - Anthony Calfo "Coral Farming...Home Grown Jewels of the Sea"
MACNA XIV - Disk 12 - Dana Riddle "So, You Want to be a MACNA Speaker"
MACNA XIV - Disk 13 - Roundtable Discussion "Coral Farming in Situ & in Home Aquariums"
Coral Propagation Workshop 2004
Next Wave 2005 - Steve Tyree "Stony Corals and their needs"; Daphne Fautin "The Truth about Nemo: Anemonefish Symbiosis"; Sanjay Joshi "Shedding Light on Metal Halide Lighting"; Larry Jackson "The Great Barrier Reef 2004"
Next Wave 2006 - Julian Sprung "Deep Sand Beds and How They Operate"; Robert Fenner "Aquiring, Maintaining and Keeping Healthy Fish";Jorge Gomezjurado "Seahorse Breeding and Care"; Anthony Calfo "Coral Propagation Techniques Demonstration"

Now, the Library Rules:


A) One item per club member per month. Maximum of 2 per household at any one time. Unless items are returned before that month is up. In which case another item is available upon return.

B) There is no deposit required for checking out of items as of right now.

C) The librarian must have your Username, Full Name, Address, Phone #s and Email Address before you can borrow a book.

D) Items must be returned in the condition they were lent out.

E) You must be a full member in good standing to borrow.

F) Items will be delivered to the next meeting. Arrangements can be made for checking out between meetings.

G) Items must be delivered back to the librarian to be checked in before being loaned out again.

H) Items must be returned to the librarian by the original person who borrowed the item unless otherwise agreed upon.

I will be bringing the library with me to meetings.

Just hop on over to the Library thread in the Members Only forum and post any questions or to reserve a title.
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